Employee Highlight: Sara Lucchini

By: Philip Ballew

Recently I had the chance to sit down with Sara, who works with all of our instructors and helps them prepare for their teaching assignments. Additionally, she is responsible for many other tasks as a part of the ThoughtSTEM team. She provided insight on the curriculum used by ThoughSTEM instructors and how she became involved with the company. All of the curriculum she and the team makes help benefit your students in our programs.

Intern Highlight: Kristyna Mason

By: Philip Ballew

If you haven’t gotten to meet Kristina, she is great. She was one of our awesome interns this summer. Recently I got the chance to sit down with her, and learn more about what she does. Check it out!

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Hi, there! I am a rising senior majoring in computer science with an emphasis in business. In addition to the summer courses I am taking, I am working as an intern for ThoughtSTEM this summer.