The Economy Coders Have Built

By: Phil Ballew

At ThoughtSTEM, we teach kids the language of computers in order to prepare them for the future. But why? This is the first post in a series of blog posts discussing why we believe it’s so important to teach coding to kids today.

7 Non-Technical Skills your Students Learn at ThoughtSTEM Summer Camp

By: Phil Ballew

1. Critical Thinking

At ThoughtSTEM, we value critical thinking. Our coaches are aware of the importance critical thinking plays in developing into a successful coder. When a student is working on their game, they learn how to evaluate the problem at hand by breaking it down into smaller problems. Critical thinking translates well into even the non-technical areas of your child’s life: whether they’re trying to evaluate the factuality of information they find on the internet, or whether they have a complicated logistical problem to solve.

Who is that on the phone? Jordan Hisamoto!

By: Phil Ballew

Hey Jordan! Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Hey! I work at ThoughtSTEM as the Program Manager. It’s been a really unique and fun job so far. It’s a lot of customer service, where I help parents and students have the best possible experiences in their classes.

Sonny! He helps make the tech your children work on.

By: Phil Ballew

If you haven’t met Sonny, you’re missing out. Sonny is one of the people at ThoughtSTEM who builds the curriculum your children use. In addition, he is a great person and cool individual to hang out with. I sat down with Sonny recently and got to talk about what makes him unique both here at work, but also as a person overall.

Carlos: one of our coolest instructors

By: Phil Ballew

Have you met Carlos? Carlos has been with ThoughtSTEM for several years now and is one of our lead instructors. One of my favorite things about Carlos is his approachability. You can come to him with anything. He is the type of person who sees a problem, figures out a solution, and helps you solve it. This translates well to his work here at ThoughtSTEM. Added to the fact that he is an all around great guy, you end up with someone who we love having on the ThoughtSTEM team!