What Programming Language Should My Student Learn?

By: Alan Lam

Java. C++. Python. JavaScript. If you are familiar with the world of computer science, then it is likely that you have heard the names of these languages and possibly others. If you are looking to introduce computer science to your children, then you have probably wondered, “What programming language should my student learn?” It’s a valid question. And it’s one that many people ask us all the time.

Why Software Developers Need to Learn Empathy (as well as Coding)

By: Alan Lam

Empathy: Caring for other people and sharing in their feelings and experiences. It’s undoubtedly an important quality for everyone to have. Empathy is also something that is taught through families, through teachers, through friends. If education is to prepare people for success in the world, then empathy has to be a big part of their education. It’s easy to see how useful having empathy would be for areas such as business, marketing, or any other type of work that requires interacting with other people. However, empathy is just as important for people in computer science.