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Intern Highlight: Zach Selchau: He helps Sonny build our technology.

By: Phil Ballew

Zach is one of our awesome Office Interns. He helps us write our coding curriculum while learning about the office environment and the technologies we use. We love having Zach around and can’t wait to see how he grows in his role with us.

Hey Zach! Can you tell me a little about yourself?

I’m a senior at SDSU studying computer science. I live in San Diego and love computers! I really enjoy riding my skateboard and playing video games when I have free time.

What did you do before you started interning with ThoughtSTEM?

Before I became an intern at ThoughtSTEM, I had been going to SDSU for four years, and now that is what keeps me busy. It’s currently summer vacation, and once I finish the internship I will take a few more classes to graduate. It’s a very exciting time for me.

How long have you been working with ThoughtSTEM, and what was your initial attraction to the company?

I have been here for about a month so far. It’s been interesting in a very good way! What initially attracted me to the company was video games. Growing up, I played video games a bit too much, but that is what has gotten me to where I am today: a senior in college pursuing a computer science degree and interning at a tech company.

I really appreciate how ThoughtSTEM uses video games to entice students into learning computer programming. Coding is everywhere. Not everybody knows it, but almost all of their interactions in society involve some sort of computer coding. Ever since I started coding, I see almost all my interactions as an exchange of code.

How are you feeling about your ThoughtSTEM internship so far?

Just like every new working experience, I was a little nervous, but that has gone away quickly. Here, I feel involved. I sit in on meetings; I help with tasks that make meaningful contributions to the company, all while learning about the tech industry and office culture in general.

ThoughtSTEM has a relaxed, welcoming office culture. I can wear jeans to the office and not stress about whether or not I need to wear a tie. Instead, I focus on my code, and how to help with the summer camps. At the same time though, there is a culture here of getting stuff done. When we work, we work, and we all work as a team.

When you’re not working at ThoughtSTEM, what do you do for fun?

I like meeting up with friends and hanging out. I’m the type of person that stays busy and is "always up to something”. If it is Friday night, I want to get dinner with friends and see what this world has to offer. I like being out in the world.

We are so excited Zach is working as an intern this summer at ThoughtSTEM. Thank you so much, Zach, for being part of the team!