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ThoughtSTEM Summer Camps 2019: 8 Questions Answered

By: Phil Ballew

1. What are summer camps?

Every summer, we help teach over a thousand students computer programming skills. We offer both morning and afternoon camps for all interested students. Our camps teach students computer science skills and computer programming concepts. We aim to have students leave each camp with something they made, as well as new critical thinking skills that help them solve big problems.

2. Where are these summer camps?

Currently, we have university and college summer camp locations at Cal State San Marcos, SDSU, UC San Diego, and now in Santee at San Diego Christian College. This summer, our camps will be all about designing, building, and playing video games in a way that helps students build both computer science and critical thinking skills.

3. What programming languages are you teaching?

ThoughtSTEM has been specially selected by the National Science Foundation to create new programming languages for teaching K–12 students computer science. Using a computer programming language called Racket, an up-and-coming language which recently won the 2018 SIGPLAN Programming Languages Software Award and which is primarily used for building new languages, we’ve created a special curriculum for teaching kids how to code and design their own 2D video games. We have developed different programming languages for each grade range (K–2nd, 3rd–6th, and 7th–10th) that is appropriately challenging & fun for our students.

4. What is different about these summer camps?

Unlike other coding camps, ThoughtSTEM’s summer camps use a curriculum that encourages students to work together as a team. It’s not just about what your child can code, but about how they can learn to work with others to solve challenges through fun learning activities!

5. Is coding camp fun?

ThoughtSTEM coding camps are the most fun! Throughout the camp day, students are working in teams, earning ThoughtSTEM Dollars (a fun currency we created to gamify the classroom even more), and even earn badges that recognize students for their achievements.

6. We registered for ThoughtSTEM’s coding camp last summer. Is the curriculum the same as last summer?

Our classes are always changing! If you have taken a ThoughtSTEM camp before, you will always be able to take a ThoughtSTEM camp again!

7. How can you be a part of summer camps?

We are currently accepting registrations for all of our summer camp locations. Please visit and choose the location you are interested in registering for.

8. Why choose our summer camp vs another camp?

We offer our summer camps at different times throughout the day, whereas other camps are only full day or full day with overnight options. This makes our camps more cost-effective, if you’re looking for just a morning or afternoon camp. In addition, we are headquartered in San Diego, whereas many other companies offering coding camps in San Diego this summer are from other parts of California. Unlike other camps, ThoughtSTEM understands the needs of San Diego families and is committed to offering the best technology experiences to San Diego kids.