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We offer unmatched expertise in computer science education. Students aged 8-18 can engage in fun projects while becoming expert coders.

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mod Minecraft

Is your child hooked on Minecraft? Given its booming popularity with kids, there is no wonder how this is opening up new frontiers in computer science education.

After School Programs

Novice and experienced coders from your school can team up to explore new virtual challenges and, if they choose, compete in interscholastic competitions.

weekend Workshops

Free this sunday? Stop by one of our workshops where we provide an army of mentors to take your child through our endless supply of self-paced coding challenges.

Improving K-12 Education Throughout Northern and Southern California

Our education system has been slow to respond to the needs of tomorrow's workforce, meaning as much as 60% of tech jobs remain un-filled. The question remains, how can we efficiently educate our children when more than two-thirds of high school graduates cannot even make it through their first college-level computer science course? ThoughtSTEM founders have spent their careers exploring the most effective techniques to both challenge experts and introduce novices to the world of computer science. We pair the latest technologies, such as Scratch, Alice, Minecraft, and App Inventor, with our proven project-based curriculum to offer your child the state-of-the-art in computer science education. But these programs do more than prepare your child for tomorrow's workforce, they induce friendships, create lasting memories, and challenge imaginations.

Scratch HTML JS Allice App Inventor

Whatever work they choose in the future, this helps my children focus now, to have fun safely and be more confident online, learning our next universal language - computer programming.

Mother of 3, La Jolla, CA

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